About Jim Montgomery:

After buying and selling over $200 Million in businesses in the last five years, as a business owner, former banker, and business attorney, I help business owners to sell and buy businesses faster and for better prices, including getting more customers who will spend more per transaction and buy more often . . .

In the past, I’ve tried cases for plaintiffs and defendants in State and Federal courts from California to Delaware, with Texas as home base. The firm has been the advocate for individuals and small companies as well as companies in the Fortune 100.   Those litigation cases have ranged from representing thousands of homeowners for broken plastic pipe in their homes to oil royalty disputes to breach of confidentiality agreements.

After literally taking business transactions apart in the courtroom for years, clients (and opponents) began asking me to work on the transactions from the beginning to try to prevent the problems from ever occurring. In that stance, the firm has helped buyers and sellers in the sales of businesses ranging from large retail stores and manufacturing facilities to insurance agencies.   We have helped clients buy multi-million dollar, multi-story office buildings and negotiate commercial lease agreements.

Now, we’re taking our strategies online and helping business owners all over the country!